Accounting solution with privacy at its centre

PowerOffice Go not only meets the formal requirements, but makes it much easier for your business to comply with GDPR. You can read more about how here.

PowerOffice Go is committed through our data processor agreement to process personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act, as well as protecting users’ rights.

Data portability

The data in PowerOffice Go belongs to the customer and can be exported or transferred to another data controller.

Role access

PowerOffice Go offers role management so that only selected people can view, add, modify and delete data. It is easy and intuitive to control role access and see who has access to what.

Secure document storage

PowerOffice Go offers secure document storage that is easily accessible to every employee but is protected from unauthorized access, changes and deletion.

PowerOffice protects your privacy in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and is the data controller for the personal data we collect on the sites and

No data outside Europe

PowerOffice Go is a Norwegian-owned, cloud-based accounting system. We do not use servers or development capabilities outside of Europe.

Did you know that PowerOffice Go complies with the GDPR requirements?

Privacy has always been a key part of the architecture and functionality of PowerOffice Go. You and your company can be confident that GDPR requirements are met in PowerOffice Go.

What is GDPR?

As of 25 May 2018, all Norwegian companies must comply with the new privacy rules in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The regulation imposes new and stricter requirements on the processing of personal data by enterprises. You can read more about GDPR on the Norwegian Data Protection Authority’s web pages.