We’ve thought about you – not only on the numbers

PowerOffice AS was established in 1998. Since then, we have provided user-friendly financial systems for small and medium-sized businesses. The company is based in Bodø, has 53 employees divided in four departments.

Overall objectives

Increased profitability

Our solutions contribute to increased profitability. Better overview means more is billed and automation provides reduced costs.

Everything automated

We focus on automating all work processes that can be automated. The accounting is fully automated.

Good user experience

We work continuously to create good user experience. We do this in collaboration with customers and designers.

Marketing and sales

Responsible for reaching out to the right customers.

Torfinn Sollund

Key Account Manager

Alexander Hansen

Key Account Manager

Iselin Jensen Borkamo

Key Account Manager

Training and support

Important areas of responsibility includes product development, support and training.

Bjørnar Sandmo

Product Owner - Accounting

Mette Grenersen

Product Owner - Payroll

Andreas Drage

Product Owner - Time tracking, Project and API

Cesilie Olsen

Product Owner - Quality

Frode Kristiansen

Training and courses coordinator


Important areas of responsibility includes design, development and operation of our systems.

Annette Lund Lillegaard

Head of Quality Assurance

Eivind Tjore

Head of Operations

Anders Elvik

Head of Security


Responsibility for accounting, finance, personnel and payroll, as well as day-to-day management of the company.

Lise Mentzoni

Economy and human resources adviser

Customer satisfaction


says PowerOffice provides a better overview and simplifies everyday life


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Many customers in various industries

Since founding of the company, PowerOffice has experienced strong growth and has been included in several lists of fastest growing companies, both within and outside of Norway. Today we have over  37 000 customers with over 90 000 users, and are experiencing strong growth.

International growth

PowerOffice Go has been developed for an international market. In addition to English, PowerOffice Go is translated to Swedish, Danish and Finnish language.


PowerOffice AS is a part of Visma AS.